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Assemblyman Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) said Monday, February 5 that he introduced a bill on behalf of the city of Oakland, which wants marijuana sales to be allowed at its annual Art and Soul Festival this summer.

“These events support local economies and small businesses,” Quirk said in a statement.

“Despite the fiscal and communal benefits such events bring to a city or local community, current law prohibits local governments from approving applications for cannabis sales at special events if they are held anywhere but county property,” he added.

The bill would allow pot sales and use at special events on public and privately owned property, but would not supersede any local ordinance that bans smoking in some public places in a city.


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To: Assembly member Quirk

RE: Support for AB 2020

There is a rich culture and heritage of cannabis in California. In addition to being an economic opportunity, cannabis events are also a way to enrich our state culturally.

Current state law severely restricts the places where members of our community can gather together. This common sense legislation maintains the rigorous nature of our states robust regulatory framework, while simply allowing events to be licenses at any location provided a local permit has been secured.

This legislation addresses on of our highest priorities for 2018. We appreciate your efforts and leadership on cannabis policy reform.

CC: Members of the Oakland City Council

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