Trailer Bill: Other Priority Considerations

In addition to priority concerns related size, vertical integration and distribution, we have also communicated several other priority considerations to the policy makers in Sacramento.

Type 10 License

Neither the MCRSA or the AUMA included adequate language to ensure that non-storefront dispensaries would be licensed into the regulated marketplace. It may be that this is an issue better settled in regulations. However, our delivery service members continue to experience a high degree of anxiety owing to the uncertainty. We would like to see this addressed expeditiously and think it is a likely candidate for inclusion in the trailer bill.

Proposal: Include language explicitly directing the bureau to make a non-storefront retail option available.



  • Expand the scope of the appellations program to include “standards, practices and varietals” in addition to “origin”  
  • Establish a commission to advise the CDFA on the implementation of the Appellations program

Agricultural Cooperatives

Proposal: Add a cross reference that specifically authorizes licensed cultivators to form non-profit agricultural cooperative associations pursuant to Chapter 1, Division 20 of the Food and Agriculture Code.

Cultivation Tax

Proposal: Include specific language from AB 1410, to substantiate new language proposed in the trailer bill that allows the distributor to collect taxes on behalf of the cultivator.