What’s not covered under the transition period?

State law and regulation include certain policies that will change over time. These policies are sometimes confused with “transition period” deadlines, but they’re distinct and won’t be affected by the July 1 deadline.

  • The collective defense for medicinal cannabis activity, established in 2003 by SB 420, will expire on January 9, 2019. For more information, check out the BCC factsheet on collectives.
  • The ability of licensed businesses to buy from unlicensed businesses is unaffected by the transition period. Since January 1, 2018, licensed businesses have only been legally able to purchase product from other licensed businesses, and that requirement will continue permanently.
  • Annual licensees are required to participate in state track-and-trace (METRC), while temporary licensees are exempt. While the first state annual licenses are likely to be issued around July 1, this is mostly a coincidence, and the July 1 deadline itself doesn’t affect whether track and trace is required.
  • Other state laws or regulations are unaffected by the July 1 deadline.